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Michaela Madrova

Michaela Mádrová aka Restless Mouse Art – ever since she could remember, art was her passion. The great power and deep mediation where she can create her own fantasy world. She’s dedicated 7 years to art studies and got her bachelor degree in Graphic Design and Arts in Czech Republic. But as much as she loved it, she has always had a craving for travelling so she’s decided to go for another adventure – creating everyday moments in four different continents. It taught her so much and she was so lucky to meet amazing people along the way.

When she came to New Zealand more than three years ago, she just fell in love with this wonderful place! She consider herself so lucky to connect her two greatest passions in this small paradise with so much inspiration around.

She loves working with mixed media and combining different techniques. Her most favourite topics are nature and women. She usually uses pastel colour range, loads of splashes and layered compositions.

But Misha doesn’t stop there! She found a new passion which is creating art not only on canvas or paper but on human skin as well. Therefore she opened her private tattoo studio Wanaka where she gets to meet new people from all around the world and work on interesting personal projects every single day!

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